A program that is new to me that I love is called Edison. I teach motorcycle apprentices and one the units that I deliver is Single Electric Circuits. It can be difficult for students to get their head around and not just a little bit dangerous if done incorrectly. I read in a blog by Scott Tibaldi that he uses a program called Edison that allows students to build circuits virtually that eliminates danger and allows for safe experimentation. I downloaded the free version of program that my students will also be able to and will be using it quite extensively with the delivery of this unit. I won’t do away with the practical component altogether, but will use this for learning the fundamentals and for constructing and testing circuits before making the real thing. Edison also provides equations like Ohms law and Watts law that we use in this unit. Trully a great find. Thanks Scott.

One thought on “Edison

  1. Hi Scott,
    Firstly thank you.
    The calculations component of the program is also of great benefit to the students, it allows them to compare their findings directly with the virtual circuit.
    I also do not use it as a replacement for prac, but as reinforcement and preparation.

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